Mind-boggling: Prof refuses to call male student ‘ma’am,’ may get fired

November 7, 2018. LifeSiteNews: Nicolas Meriwether teaches philosophy, but he might lose his job over grammar! Turns out, calling a male student “sir” puts you on the wrong side of America’s brave new battle over pronouns.

Like a lot of educators, Meriwether assumed that biology was pretty self-explanatory. Just because a guy wants to be called a girl doesn’t mean he is one. His employers at Shawnee State University in Ohio beg to differ. When Nicolas refused to call a male student “ma’am” or “she,” he was hauled into his bosses’ office and slapped with a personnel violation. According to administrators, acknowledging someone’s biological sex with the right pronoun “creates a hostile environment.”

The student, who unleashed a string of profanity on Meriwether after class, filed a formal complaint with the school, because his professor wouldn’t play along with his manufactured reality. More than a year and a half later, after the school threatened “further corrective actions,” Nicolas is taking them to court.

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